COVID-19, Peace, Conflict, and Violence: “Big” Insights from Big Data

The November Data for Peace Dialogue was dedicated to the connections between COVID-19, peace, and security. The pandemic has postponed elections, delayed implementation of peace agreements, and obstructed mediation efforts. While most of the response has focused on mitigating its health, social, and economic impacts, COVID-19 has also significantly affected peace, security, conflict, and violence—in many cases, reversing pre-pandemic peacebuilding gains.

Tuesday, November 24

10:00 AM EST

 In this session, we heard from panelists whose organizations are leveraging the power of data to track correlations and insights on the relationship between COVID-19 and conflict, informing future responses to pandemic challenges and helping highlight ways to sustain peace amid the global crisis caused by COVID-19.


Watch the webinar recording below:


  • Branka Panic, AI for Peace
  • Céline Monnier, Senior Program Officer, Center on International Cooperation
  • Tim Receveur, Director of Programs, PeaceTech Lab
  • Roudabeh Kishi, Ph.D., Director of Research & Innovation, Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED)


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