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Solidarity in Action (Part II): Recognizing unity in the achievement of racial justice

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, join the Pathfinders Grand Challenge on Inequality and Exclusion for the second part of the “Solidarity in Action” webinar series on countering divisive narratives, where we will hear from country experiences on how the current and evolving forms of racist narratives play out, pinpointing their similarities and differences, and its impact on progress. Crucially, we will identify the ways in which policymakers and civil society are successfully countering discourses of hate and prejudice, and building solidarity across race that resists racist dog-whistles and ‘culture war’ stories that threaten our path towards racial equality, and social justice.


March 28, 2023

Solidarity in Action: Countering anti-feminist trends around the world

Join Pathfinders’ Grand Challenge on Inequality and Exclusion on the sidelines of the sixty-seventh session of the Commission on the Status of Women, for a thought-provoking discussion on how to address the rise of anti-feminist movements around the world. 


March 13, 2023

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