Annual CommonConnections Week on SSR

June 3-7, 2024 | United Nations Headquarters in New York

Organized by the United Nations

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NYU Center on International Cooperation’s Betty Wainaina will participate in Session 5: “Fostering Adequate Financing for SSR Through Strengthening Partnerships Between UN and International Financial Institutions/Multilateral Development Banks” on June 4.

Security Sector Reform and Governance (SSR&G) must respond to a myriad of challenges—some old, some new, but all important. SSR Week 2024 will reflect on five topics at the cutting-edge of SSR&G, including climate, corruption, the Pact for the Future, sustainable development and women’s participation in the defense sector.


  • Brief on and discuss the key takeaways from international conferences: AU Commission conference on SSG&R (November 2023), the World Bank Fragility Forum (February 2024), and the OECD DAC INCAF event on SSG&R (TBC).
  • Take stock of the global landscape for financing SSG&R and the policy debate among traditional donors / OECD Development Aid Committee’s members on Official Development Assistance (ODA).
  • Understand International Financial Institutions’ approach to financing security (African Development Bank; Interamerican Development Bank (TBC); World Bank; IMF).
  • Identify entry points, challenges, and opportunities for strengthening UN support for public expenditure policy and management of the security sector, including with security public expenditure reviews (PERs) – CAR, DRC, Somalia, South Sudan.

Check out the SSR Week 2024-specific Trello board to learn more.


  • Betty Wainaina, NYU Center on International Cooperation, Associate Director, Multilateral Reform Program
  • Jonathan Marley, OECD – OCDE, Policy Analyst
  • Paul Bisca (TBC), International Monetary Fund, Senior Projects Officer
  • Christophe Pradier, United Nations, Moderator, Security Sector Reform Officer
  • With virtual participation of the UN SSR&G Community of Practice

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