Sri Lanka AI Challenge Demo Day

Join NYU CIC, Omdena, and DreamSpace Academy Sri Lanka for an exciting demonstration of their recent collaboration project where they convened machine learning and natural language processing experts to develop a new AI tool to accurately detect hate speech in Tamil language. Speakers will discuss the project’s inception and development, along with showcasing how the tool will work.

About the Challenge

Over the past two months, Omdena, along with the NYU Center on International Cooperation and DreamSpace Academy hosted a challenge project working to develop an AI tool to accurately identify the presence of hate speech in any given text or statement used in Sri Lanka in the Tamil language.

This project would also ideally be a foundation for creating a framework that could be extended to Sinhala language, and potentially other languages in the future. During the project’s duration, the challenge team successfully leveraged the existing knowledge on hate speech and was able to deliver meaningful results. The team used language modeling to power an API (application programming interface) that can continuously isolate whether a sentence includes hate speech


  • Branka Panic, Visiting Scholar at NYU CIC
  • Govarthenan Rajadurai, Assistant @ Software Lab at DreamSpace Academy
  • Guneet Kohli, Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena
  • Isaac Rodríguez Bribiesca, Lead Machine Learning at Omdena
  • Ramya Deverajan, Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Omdena
  • Harini Suresh, Head of Projects at Omdena

This event is co-hosted by the Data for Peacebuilding and Prevention program at the NYU Center on International Cooperation and Omdena.

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