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Congo Research Group

The Congo Research Group (CRG) was founded in 2015 to promote rigorous, independent research into the violence that affects millions of Congolese. Today, CRG’s bilingual research aims to explain the complicated interplay among politics, violence, and political economy in the Congo to a wide audience. CRG Logo

Security and Governance Trackers

These CRG initiatives use data to map violence and track parliamentary/government accountability.

Providing research on conflict in the DRC and representing the voice of the Congolese

The Congo Research Group (CRG) was founded in 2015, dedicated to understanding the violence that affects millions of Congolese. CRG carries out rigorous research on different aspects of the conflict––the first report, for example, investigates who is behind a series of massacres in the Beni region, while other reports look at links between elections and conflict, and at armed groups in the Kivus region.

CRG Pillars

CRG research is disseminated through the following channels:

  • Reports: CRG Reports are long and provide exhaustive historical detail or evidence; and CRG Briefings are more succinct and often target a particular policy issue.
  • Blogs: Weekly columns: (1) Congo Siasa authored by CRG Director Jason Stearns; and (2) La République de Kenge by CRG Deputy Director Jean Keng
  • Podcast: Po Na GEC, with weekly ​​episodes featuring interviews with leading pundits and opinion-makers in and on the DR Congo.
  • Visit our website (available in English/French) to read our latest reports, blogs, and resources.
  • Learn about the Kivu Security Tracker, our project with Human Rights Watch, which maps violence, analyzes trends, and documents human rights violations in Eastern Congo.
  • In 2020, CRG created a new program on political governance and accountability, “Mukalenga wa Bantu” and launched a parliamentary and government tracker, Talatala (“mirror” in Lingala). Access Talatala (French-only) here.

Latest Publications and Multimedia

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