How can people-centered justice achieve SDG 16.3?

Left: medium close up of a young woman with long black hair wearing glasses and a white shirt with polka dots; right: medium shot of a young woman wearing glasses and a black shirt with arms crossed.

Young Justice Leaders’ members Gülşen Güler & Kelechi Achinonu participate in HagueTalks

Young Justice Leaders’ members Gülşen Güler & Kelechi Achinonu participate in HagueTalks, which puts a spotlight on impactful approaches to achieving justice for all in line with SDG 16.3. The SDG Summit 2023 is the midway point of the SDGs and this key event – to be held in the lead up to the HLPF and the SDG Summit – intends to highlight the importance of people-centered justice in achieving the promise of equal access to justice for all.

This event was be an intergenerational dialogue between established justice leaders and young, emerging, justice leaders. A space for young change makers to exchange ideas with leaders of the justice sector, learn from their experience and share their own perspective, making a case for young people to be at the heart of the 2030 Agenda as drivers of change and progress.

  • What can young people do to make an impactful contribution to justice, the criminal justice system and/or the use of data, on the global stage?
  • What are examples of impactful and innovative approaches to justice and how can these be replicated and scaled?
  • How can we collectively make a case for the acceleration of the attainment of SDG 16.3 between now and 2030?


★ Young Justice Leader Kelechi Achinonu is a Nigerian lawyer who is passionate about the fusion of law and technology to provide access to justice for all.

★ Her fellow Young Justice Leader, Gülşen Güler, will seek to amplify the voices of young people in terms of justice data and data justice, which she describes as two sides of the same coin.

★ Gerald Ndika, Justice of the Court of Appeal of Tanzania. His professional career, spanning over thirty years, has largely combined adjudication and teaching responsibilities.

★ Sang-Hyun Song, former President of the International Criminal Court, Current President of UNICEF/Korea.

The session was moderated by justice and peacebuilding expert (specializing in clinical psychology and coaching) Eveline de Bruijn, whose wealth of experience will allow for a rich discussion on these diverse, and yet interconnected, themes.

This event was co-organized by Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies.

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