Ecosystem Map: Data for Peacebuilding and Prevention

About the Map

The Data for Peacebuilding and Prevention Ecosystem Map is an interactive digital tool that visualizes organizations working at the intersection of data and peace/prevention. Launched as part of CIC’s work on data-driven approaches to peacebuilding and prevention, it includes information on the countries and regions that the organizations engage with, where they are headquartered, the types of data-driven approaches they use, and a link to their web site.
Policymakers, journalists, researchers, and civil society can use this tool to gain insight into innovative approaches, as well as to connect affected communities to projects and initiatives to solve on-the-ground problems in the field of peacebuilding and violence prevention.

The map is a visual companion to the CIC’s Ecosystem Mapping Report, which surveys the cutting-edge techniques and tools being used to positive effect in peacebuilding, conflict, and violence prevention work. As of July 2021, the map documents 200+ organizations, sourced through online research and stakeholder interviews that were held with peace and conflict experts.

Read the full press release launching the Data for Peacebuilding and Prevention Ecosystem Map →

Call for Inclusion

As this work was limited by time, location, language, and other constraints, CIC is calling for any organizations that apply data-driven methodologies to their work to submit their information to improve the comprehensiveness of this map. We believe bringing more visibility and transparency to this work will be a substantial contribution to the ongoing efforts to build and improve the ecosystem of peacebuilding, conflict, and violence prevention.

Participation Criteria

Any organization (whether from civil society, governmental/intergovernmental agencies, the private sector and/or academia) that is applying data-driven approaches and technologies within their work.

New Organization Registration

Fill out this form with your organization’s information. CIC will review and update this tool monthly.

By filling out this form, you consent to allowing the NYU Center on International Cooperation to publish the organization’s information on their website and use it in associated marketing resources. If you wish to remove your organization’s work from the platform or update the information, you can do so at any time by filling in the same form.


We hope to make this tool user-friendly and accessible to anyone working in the field of peacebuilding and prevention. If you wish to suggest an improvement to the tool or the interface, please send comments to

Last updated: August 2021

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