Bahcesehir University's BAUCESS Center

Bahçeşehir University Centre for Security Studies (BAUCESS) is the first and only centre focusing on the wider aspect of security studies in Turkey. BAUCESS was founded by Gülnur Aybet in 2015. The primary objective of BAUCESS is to engage with academics and practitioners in the study and application of the broader concept of security. For over 20 years, security studies has evolved into a more multi-disciplinary area. Apart from military security, it has encompassed subjects such as human security, migration, border security, cyber space, energy security, risks and uncertainties due to globalization, the link between terrorism and organized crime, radicalization and social cohesion, security of transnational institutions, the role of non-state actors, weapons of mass destruction, the link between nuclear disarmament and civil nuclear energy, reforms in disarmament regimes, climate change and environmental security. These growing trends in the field have not been reflected in the study and application of security studies in Turkish universities.