Rina Amiri

Non-Resident Fellow

Rina Amiri is currently an independent policy and mediation advisor and a non-resident fellow at NYU’s Center for International Cooperation and a senior fellow at NYU’s Center for Global Affairs. 

Ms. Amiri brings over two decades of political expertise, advising and working with governments, the United Nations, and think tanks in various conflict settings in West and the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and Europe. Prior to her appointment at NYU, she served as a Senior Associate at Princeton’s Center for Innovations for Successful Studies. Prior to that she served as a member as a Senior Mediation Expert in the United Standby Team of Mediation Experts. Under the Obama Administration, she served as a senior advisor to the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan. Ms. Amiri also served as a member of the United Nation’s Special Representative of the Secretary General’s political team in Afghanistan during the course of the implementation of the Bonn Agreement.

Ms. Amiri has provided political analysis and commentary in a number of outlets including MSNBC, PBS, CNN, and CSPAN, and has been published and provided commentary in the New York Times, Boston Globes, Al-Jazeera America, Foreign Affairs, and the Los Angeles Times. She has been recognized as 125 Women of Impact by Newsweek and is a life-long member of the Council of Foreign Relations.  


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