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Shepard Forman

  • CIC Founder, Director Emeritus, and Distinguished Fellow

Shepard Forman is a Distinguished Fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation (CIC) as well as Director Emeritus. Prior to founding the Center, he directed the Human Rights and Governance and International Affairs programs at the Ford Foundation, where he also was responsible for developing and implementing the Foundation’s grant making activities in Eastern Europe, including a field office in Moscow.

Dr. Forman received his Ph.D. in anthropology at Columbia University and did post-doctoral studies in economic development at the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, England. He served on the faculty at Indiana University, the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan; conducted field research in Brazil and East Timor; and authored two books on Brazil and numerous articles, including papers on humanitarian assistance and post-conflict reconstruction assistance. He is co-editor, with Stewart Patrick, of Good Intentions: Pledges of Aid to Countries Emerging from Conflict, and Multilateralism and U.S. Foreign Policy: Ambivalent Engagement; with Stewart Patrick and Dirk Salomons, Recovering from Conflict: Strategies for an International Response; with Romita Ghosh, of Promoting Reproductive Health: Investing in Health for Development; and with Bruce Jones and Richard Gowan, Cooperating for Peace and Security. He has also edited Diagnosing America: Anthropology and Public Policy, which examines the application of anthropological studies to social problems in the United States. He is currently revisiting his field research in Brazil and East Timor and preparing his field materials for deposit at the Smithsonian Institutions Anthropology Archive.

Professor by courtesy, New York University, Department of Politics.

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