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Fred Bauma

  • Senior Fellow

Fred Bauma is a Senior Fellow at the NYU Center on International Cooperation.

He is a human rights activist and Executive Secretary of Ebuteli, a research institute based in Kinshasa.

Prior to joining Ebuteli, Fred worked as Research Director of the Congo Research Group, a research program based at the Center on International Cooperation at New York University. Fred is also a member of Lutte pour le Changement (LUCHA), the most important pro-democracy society movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He was arrested in March 2015 and spent 18 months in prison, where he faced the death penalty. Amnesty International declared Bauma a prisoner of conscience and awarded LUCHA the Ambassador of Conscience Award in 2016. Fred is also a co-founding member of Afrikki, a network of over 30 movements from Africa and its diaspora. With Jason Stearns, Fred co-hosts Ukombozi podcast, a podcast about African social movements and the worlds they are trying to create. Fred’s recent media appearances include Al Jazeera and RFI.

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