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Laura Powers

Laura Powers is the Program Officer, SDG16+ at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation.

She brings over a decade of experience in development, peacebuilding and prevention, access to justice, human rights, and multilateral affairs. Further, she has over five years of experience in the United Nations (UN) space—focusing on the nexus between peace and development—with deep expertise in rule of law and access to justice, human rights, peacebuilding, citizenship, legal identity, and SDG16. More broadly, and through IOs, think tanks, and the UN, Laura has worked on research and advocacy that meaningfully connects high-level, international policy with the needs of local populations, especially women and youth.

Laura has published work on issues related to UN reform, peace operations and peacebuilding. She has previously worked at International Development Law Organization, International Peace Institute, in addition to working in journalism at Newsweek.

Originally from California, Laura began her career advocating for prisoners’ rights and law enforcement reform in Berkeley, CA. She has a MA in International Relations from New York University.

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