CIC staff, fellows, and partners are working to shed light on the intersections between the global coronavirus pandemic and the issues we study, from the future of multilateralism and the global humanitarian response to the ongoing work of building peaceful, just and inclusive societies. This is a regularly updated collection of our articles, blog posts, and policy papers on COVID-19.

A man in a mask enters the New York City subway during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (UNPhoto/Evan Schnieder).

CIC-Supported Joint Statements on COVID-19:

Pathfinders Member States Statement (November 2020)

Act Now for SDG16+ – Peace, justice, inclusion and strong institutions in a pandemic (November 2020)


Kevin Casas-Zamora, Sarah Cliffe, and Nendirmwa Noel, “COVID-19, Election Governance, and Preventing Electoral Violence,” (November 2)

Sarah Cliffe and Leah Zamore, “Reflecting on the 75th UN General Assembly,” (October 12)

Peter Chapman, “Understanding Access to Justice in the COVID-19 era” (October 5)

Stephan Klingebiel and Liv Tørres, “Republic of Korea and COVID-19: Gleaning governance lessons from a unique approach” (September 2020)

Sarah Cliffe and others, “The Challenge of a Lifetime: Ensuring Universal Access to COVID-19 Health Technologies” (September 25)

Paul von Chamier, “How COVID-19 will hasten innovation in social protection” (August 20)

Leah Zamore, Tayseer Alkarim, and Hanny Megally, “An Unexpected Reprieve in Idlib: COVID-19 and the Syrian Ceasefire” (August 17)

Sarah Cliffe, “High-Level Open Debate of the UN Security Council: Pandemics and the Challenges of Sustaining Peace” (August 12)

Leah Zamore, Tayseer Alkarim, and Hanny Megally, “Unparalleled: COVID-19 and the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen” (July 22)

David Steven, Maaike de Langen, Sam Muller, and Mark Weston, “Justice for All and the Economic Crisis” (July 9)

Céline Monnier, “Adopting a Sustaining Peace Lens to the COVID-19 Response” (July 1)

Policy Briefings and Reports:

Leah Zamore and Ben Phillips, “COVID-19 and Public Support for Radical Policies” (June 25)

Karina Gerlach and Robert Kang, “COVID-19 and Trust in International Cooperation” (June 15)

Tayseer Alkarim, Hanny Megally, and Leah Zamore, “Do or Die: COVID-19 and Imprisonment in Syria” (June 8)

Leah Zamore and Sarah Cliffe, “Trust, Inequality, and COVID-19 in Low-Income Countries” (May 26)

UN Women, IDLO, UNDP, UNODC, World Bank and The Pathfinders, “Justice for Women Amidst COVID-19” report (May 21).

Said Sabir Ibrahimi and Naqibullah Safi, “Coping with COVID-19 and Conflict in Afghanistan” (May 21)

Pathfinders Team, “Courts and COVID-19 Lockdowns and Social Distancing Measures” (May 19)

Paul von Chamier, Nendirmwa Noel, and Elizabeth Angell, “Public Opinion, Trust, and the COVID-19 Pandemic” (May 19)

Tayseer Alkarim, Hanny Megally, and Leah Zamore, “Last Refuge or Last Hour? COVID-19 and the Humanitarian Crisis in Idlib” (May 5)

Sarah Cliffe, Paul von Chamier, and Nendirmwa Noel, “How Much Lockdown is Enough?” (May 1)

Pathfinders Team, “Domestic Violence and the COVID-19 Pandemic” (April 29)

Sarah Cliffe: “COVID-19 and the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings” (April 18)

Scott Guggenheim: “COVID-19 and Community Responses” (April 16)

Sarah Cliffe, Leah Zamore, and Nendirmwa Noel: “Population Movements, COVID-19, and Conflict Risk” (April 10)

David Steven, Maaike de Langen, Sam Muller, and Mark Weston: “Justice for All and the Public Health Emergency” (April 8)

Sarah Cliffe and Nendirmwa Noel: “Food for Thought – Talking Points on Food Prices” (April 8)

Leah Zamore, Karina Gerlach, and Ben Oppenheim: “The UN’s Pandemic Response: The Beginnings of a Real Global Plan?” (April 8)

Blog Posts:

Leah Zamore and Ben Phillips, “Why COVID-19 is Making Radical Policies Mainstream” (CIC blog) (June 25)

Maaike de Langen, “The Canadian poverty law clinic that kept putting people first during a pandemic” (June 17)

Liv Tørres and Robert Muggah, “Social Unrest Could Undo or Renew America” (June 3)

Michael Higgins and Sanjay G. Reddy, “From COVID-19 to Shared Prosperity” (June 3)

Liv Tørres, “Building Back Better with Stockpiles of Trust and Social Capital” (May 28)

Jeni Klugman, “Justice for Women Amidst COVID-19” blog post (May 21)

Nendirmwa Noel, “Minorities, Migrants, and Social Exclusion During COVID-19” (May 14).

Sarah Cliffe and Liv Tørres, “Rallying Beneath the Banner for May Day: Recovery from the COVID-19 Crisis Requires Us All to Support Trade Unions” (April 30)

Paige Arthur, “Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Convince Us of the Critical Mental Health Dimension for Peacebuilding?” (April 28)

Paul von Chamier: “COVID-19: The Case for Reducing Energy Subsidies Now” (April 21)

Céline Monnier and Kehinde Bolaji: “A “Do No Harm” Approach to COVID-19 Response: Examples From the Caribbean” (April 16)

Said Sabir Ibrahimi: “What Afghanistan Needs for the UN Global Ceasefire to Succeed” (April 15)

Jeni Klugman, Matthew Moore, Michael Higgins, and Paula Sevilla: “COVID-19 has a Postcode” (April 15)

Céline Monnier: “Responding to COVID-19: The Need for Conflict Sensitivity” (April 8)

Nendirmwa Noel: “COVID-19: Three Things for African Governments to Consider” (April 2)

Michael Higgins: “Solidarity in the Time of Corona” (March 31)

Rachel Niehuus and Jason Stearns: “COVID-19: What the US Can Learn From the DRC’s Response to Ebola” (March 30)

Sarah Cliffe: “Building Back Better in the Response to COVID–19: Action on Political Cohesion, Climate Change, and Inequality” (March 23)

Liv Tørres: “SDG16+ –The key to managing the COVID-19 crisis” (March 18)

Barnett Rubin: “The Coronavirus Risk to the Afghan Peace Process” (March 13)

Sarah Cliffe and Ben Oppenheim: “What the Coronavirus Means for the UN, IMF, and World Bank” (March 6)

Op-Eds and Media Mentions:

Chad R. Wells, Jason K. Stearns, Pascal Lutumba, and Alison P. Galvani, “COVID-19 on the African Continent” (The Lancet, May 6)

Céline Monnier and Habib Mayar, “Making Sure Peace Isn’t a Casualty of COVID-19 in Fragile States” (World Politics Review, May 5)

James Traub, “The Future is Asian—But Not Chinese” (Foreign Policy, April 27)

Rob Muggah, David Steven, and Liv Tørres, “We urgently need major cooperation on global security in the COVID-19 era” (World Economic Forum, April 23)

Liv Tørres and Sharan Burrow: “Brace Yourself for the Worst – Or Act Now!” (Mail & Guardian, April 9)

Alex Evans and David Steven: “Building Trust, Confidence and Collective Action in the Age of COVID-19” (World Politics Review, April 7)

Sarah Cliffe quoted in: “‘Mask wars’ risk setting back global fight against coronavirus” (CBC News, April 6)

Barnett Rubin: “Coronavirus and the Afghan Peace Process (Op-ed)” (TOLOnews, March 27)

James Traub and Paul von Chamier: “Today’s Coronavirus Anger Can Revive Tomorrow’s Welfare State” (Foreign Policy, March 27)

Barnett Rubin: “An Ailing America Must Not Abandon Afghanistan” (Foreign Policy, March 26)

Barnett Rubin: “Barnett R. Rubin on Politics, Fighting, COVID-19” (TOLOnews, March 26)

David Steven and Alex Evans: “Planning for the World After the Coronavirus Pandemic” (World Politics Review, March 18)

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