Congo Research Group

The Congo Research Group (CRG) was founded in 2015 to promote rigorous, independent research into the violence that affects millions of Congolese. This requires a broad approach. For us, the roots of this violence can be found in a history of predatory governance that dates back to the colonial period and that connects the hillsides of the Kivus with political intrigue and corruption in Kinshasa, as well as in the capitals of Europe, China, and North America.

Today, CRG’s research aims to explain the complicated interplay among politics, violence, and political economy in the Congo to a wide audience.     

  • Visit our website (available in English/French) to read our latest reports, blogs, and resources.    

  • Learn about the Kivu Security Tracker, our project with Human Rights Watch, which maps violence, analyzes trends, and documents human rights violations in Eastern Congo.

  • In 2020, CRG created a new program on political governance and accountability, “Mukalenga wa Bantu” and launched a parliamentary and government tracker, Talatala (“mirror” in Lingala). Access Talatala (French-only) here.

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