Time to Deliver the Post-2015 Agenda’s Promises to Children

Publication: Report

The post-2015 agenda has a clear vision for children: the protection, survival and development of all children to their full potential. Four resonant and ambitious ‘core promises’ to children can be drawn from the child-focused goals and targets.

The core promises are:

  • No child should die from a disease we can prevent.
  • Every child should have the food needed to grow normally.
  • Every child should be able to read and write, and should be numerate.
  • No child should live in fear.

These core promises represent minimum levels of wellbeing that children must enjoy if, as adults, they are to contribute to a sustainable future. This new paper by CIC Senior Fellow David Steven sets out an agenda for those working to deliver the most urgent priorities to children – and is part of CIC’s ongoing research into the delivery challenges of the new development agenda.

Read the full publication: Time to Deliver the Post-2015 Agenda’s Promises to Children

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