On Friday, September 10, 2021, Secretary-General António Guterres presented Our Common Agenda, his response to the request made by UN member states for recommendations in the 75th anniversary declaration adopted in 2020. The secretary-general does not mince his words about the problems the world is facing, from the pandemic that is upending our world, conflicts that continue to rage and worsen, and the disastrous effects of a changing climate—famine, floods, fires, and extreme heat—that threaten our very existence.

people sitting in a council hall

If ever there was a need for global collective action, it is now. Rather than dwell on geopolitical tensions, decades of international failure in Afghanistan, or the weakening of multilateral institutions, Our Common Agenda focuses instead on what we need to accomplish together and the urgency of getting to work. The most important UN policy document this year, the report is set to shape the secretary-general’s second term and—hopefully—make the UN more effective and relevant to people’s lives.

In this analysis, the teams at NYU’s Center on International Cooperation and Pathfinders share their initial observations and impressions on how Our Common Agenda links to ongoing and planned efforts on peace, justice, inclusion, preventing humanitarian crises, and supporting peacebuilding and multilateralism.

Read the full analysis – Our Common Agenda: A Quick Scan

Read the blog on Medium – Our Common Agenda: A Quick Scan

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