Halving Global Violence Flagship Report

Beyond the Battlefields: Practical Strategies to Halving Global Violence in Our Homes, Streets, and Communities

Publication: Report

New Insights on Reducing Global Violence: A Path Forward

In the report, “Beyond the Battlefields: Practical Strategies to Halving Global Violence in Our Homes, Streets, and Communities,” the Halving Global Violence Task Force at NYU’s Center on International Cooperation (CIC) presents a comprehensive roadmap to cut global violence by half. This pivotal analysis culminates a three-year collaborative effort involving international policymakers, distinguished researchers, field experts, and activists.

The report emphasizes that halving global violence is not only a visionary goal but an actionable imperative. It outlines practical, evidence-based strategies to tackle violence across all spheres of society, underscoring the potential for significant economic and societal benefits. By adopting these strategies, the global community can forge a safer, more equitable society for future generations.

Key highlights reveal that most violence occurs outside conflict zones, affecting diverse demographics worldwide. It also provides detailed strategies that have proven successful in various global cities, emphasizing low-cost, innovative solutions that can radically reduce violence. It is an essential read for leaders and policymakers committed to fostering international peace and security.

Explore the full report to discover how strategic interventions can transform our approach to preventing and reducing violence worldwide.

Supporting Research

  • Publication: Report December 15, 2023 Pathfinders

    Cost of Violence Study: Costa Rica

    This report delves into the country's administrative divisions, shedding light on its eighty-two cantons, where critical security data is localized. Recent statistics up to September 2023 underline a concerning situation. While violence in Costa Rica remains lower than the regional average for Latin America, it is the country in the region where violence has grown the most since 1995.

  • Publication: Report November 3, 2023 Pathfinders

    Cost of Violence Study: South Africa

    This report presents evidence for violence prevention, with examples from South Africa and documents the enormous toll of violence in terms of both its health impact on mortality and morbidity, and its economic cost.

  • Publication: Report September 21, 2023 Pathfinders

    Cost of Violence Study: Switzerland

    This report documents the prevalence of interpersonal violence and its associated costs in Switzerland, and to identify policies, programs, and recommendations to address the economic impact of violence in the country.

  • Publication: Report June 28, 2024

    The Private Sector as a Partner and an Agent for Violence Reduction

    This report reevaluates the roles of business in society and underlines the need to further invest in examining the private sector impact on violence reduction. It advocates for an integrated approach where the private sector is recognized as a crucial ally in the quest for peace and security, aligning economic objectives with societal needs. By harnessing the private sector's potential as a partner in violence reduction, the research contributes to the broader discourse on achieving sustainable peace and advancing the United Nations (UN)’s global development agenda—the 2030 Agenda—for a more peaceful, inclusive, and just world.

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