A Halving Global Violence Report

Cost of Violence Study: Switzerland

Publication: Report

The aim of this report is to document the prevalence of interpersonal violence and its associated costs in Switzerland, and to identify policies, programs, and recommendations to address the economic impact of violence in the country.

Interpersonal violence is understood to be homicide, physical assault, and sexual assault, since much of these are perpetrated in the domestic sphere. In this report, the authors provide separate numbers for domestic violence, which includes intimate partner violence (IPV). Additionally, this research will contribute to the forthcoming Flagship Report of the Halving Global Violence Task Force, and aims to inform national and global discussions about the business case for investments in violence prevention.

While assigning monetary values to injuries and death may be seen as morally questionable, it is essential for understanding the magnitude of the issue and informing policy decisions. By quantifying these costs, we can better comprehend the burden of violence. In addition, the cost distribution of different forms of violence can help guide policymakers in allocating resources to tackle the most pressing issues, as well as devising effective violence reduction measures.

This report focuses on:

  • Presentation of the estimated prevalence rates of interpersonal violence in Switzerland
  • Categorization of the costs and present some cost estimates
  • A review of Swiss policies, programs, and interventions to reduce violence
  • Tentative policy recommendations

Download the full report: Cost of Violence Study: Switzerland

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