India, the world's second-most populous country and the most populous democratic republic in the world, is vital to CIC's work on emerging powers and ongoing assessment of international power dynamics.  Stabilizing and strengthening emerging powers like India has become a global strategic imperative over the last decade.  This is true not only for the United States and its traditional allies but for the emerging – or, more accurately, emerged – non-Western powers.  In a period of strategic flux, efforts to assist fragile states have the potential to bring Western and non-Western powers together. India’s expanding economic reach will mean that it will have a growing role in crisis management, and that New Delhi should aim to make its armed forces inter-operable with those of the U.S. and potential East Asian allies.  CIC research has provided fascinating insights into the political, military and bureaucratic tensions at play in India as it adapts to a new global role.  CIC hopes to inform debate inside and outside India on this huge adaptation.

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