Food Security

The world produces enough to feed all seven billion of its inhabitants – but nearly a billion people still go without. Why does this global scandal continue, and what can be done to solve it? CIC has produced extensive commentary on food security that contends that access to food is as important as how much food is produced – and that in a world of food price volatility, climate change and other kinds of shocks and stresses, the challenge of building resilience in the food system takes on overwhelming importance.

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    Globalization has improved the living standards of hundreds of millions of people – but growing resource scarcity means it risks becoming a victim of its own success. Left unaddressed, scarcity of food, energy, water, land and other key ‘natural assets’ has the potential to trigger intensifying zero sum competition between states – in the process, increasing poverty, state fragility, economic instability, inflation, and strategic resource competition between major powers.

    Nov 01, 2010
    Alex Evans