‘Walking the tightrope’: How should the world engage with Afghanistan?


TRT World interviews CIC non-resident fellow Paul Fishstein about his latest co-authored report on Afghanistan, and how the world should engage with the Taliban.

“The report from the foreign policy think tank Center on International Cooperation (CIC) holds as a premise that despite its frowned-upon policies such as the restrictions on women and girls — which drew criticism from Türkiye, the US, EU, and more — the Taliban is a source of stability in Afghanistan and their collapse would worsen turmoil.

‘The assumption or hope all along has been that the Taliban’s need for assistance would make them willing to agree to demands. However, for the last 18 months they have been proving wrong those who believed that the West had influence through the possibility of diplomatic recognition and economic assistance,’ the report’s author Paul Fishstein told TRT World.”

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