UN70: A New Agenda


Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Mexico, and Norway — with the facilitative support of the Center on International Cooperation and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs — have joined efforts in the initiative UN70: A New Agenda with a view to presenting recommendations to the next UN Secretary-General (SG).

The initiative is led by the participating states, but has benefited from input from a number of experts and stakeholders both within and outside the UN system. The initiative has five key messages for #NextSG:

  1. Exercise strong and impartial leadership and show independence, accountability, efficiency and integrity as a manager.
  2. Place conflict prevention at the heart of the UN’s peace and security agenda.
  3. Push to implement Agenda 2030, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement through advocacy, coherent UN support and deeper partnerships.
  4. Adopt new approaches to effectively respond to humanitarian needs, while strengthening prevention, protection and resilience.
  5. Advocate for respect for human rights for all and reduce the implementation gap.

You can download this summary document to read the recommendations from this group in more detail.

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