Taking Action for Justice

Publication: Report

The Justice for All Movement and the Open Government Partnership

Since the adoption of the SDG goals and targets that call for justice for all by 2030, the global jus-tice community has demonstrated that through collaboration and partnership, action on justice can grow.

This has been particularly true in efforts to advance national action on justice through the Open Government Partnership (OGP), which was recognized by the Task Force on Justice as a platform that can accelerate efforts to strengthen justice provision and further recognized in the Shared Strategy for 2020-2023 as a mechanism to develop ambitious and transformative action.

This paper takes a closer look at how such collaboration and partnership since 2019 has made justice one of the most popular policy areas for new commitments across OGP and presents the justice commitments that have been put forward by OGP members. It concludes with some re-flections on why actors from government and civil society have found success in advancing action on justice through OGP and the hope that others will be inspired to do the same.

Download the report: Taking Action for Justice – The Justice for All Movement and the Open Government Partnership

This report was prepared in collaboration with Open Government Partnership.

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