Population Movements, COVID-19, and Conflict Risk

Publication: Analysis

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, people are also moving in response to the threat of the virus and the actions states have taken to stem its transmission. This memo examines population movements in pandemics and offers relevant policy recommendations.

Photo: A traveler's temperature is checked at Korea's Incheon Airport during the COVID-19 pandemic (CC BY-NC 2.0/Jens-Olaf Walter).

In this policy memo, Sarah Cliffe, Leah Zamore, and Nendirmwa Noel detail the history of population movements during pandemics, provide an overview of the internal and cross-border movements now taking place around the world, and give examples of the restrictions and other measures governments are implementing to to respond. They also supply a number of concrete policy recommendations goverments can take now to improve their management of internal and cross-border movement in the face of COVID-19.

Download the full memo here.

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