Not Just in Transit: Drugs, the State and Society in West Africa

Publication: Report

In West Africa, civil wars have receded, democracy has gained ground and economies are growing. But a destructive new threat is jeopardizing this progress: with local collusion, international drug cartels are undermining our countries and communities, and devastating lives.

After looking at the evidence, consulting experts from the region and around the world, and visiting some of the most affected countries and communities in the region, the West Africa Commission on Drugs has reached a number of conclusions – detailed in this report, drafted by CIC Fellow Camino Kavanagh and Lansana Gberie – about how the problems of drug trafficking and consumption should be tacked.

Read the report Not Just in Transit in English or Pas seulement une zone de transit in French.

Read about the report in the media:

For more information on the West African Commission on Drugs, visit their site here.

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