Innovative Finance to Sustain Peace: Mapping Ideas

Publication: Report

In a previous blog exploring innovative finance for sustaining peace, Dr. Riva Kantowitz identified key terms and tools that could be utilized in relation to alternative financing for peacebuilding, with examples of applications in conflict-affected settings when available. She also raised some challenges and unanswered questions regarding the use of innovative finance tools in these environments.

This article continues the effort to examine innovative finance from a peacebuilding perspective by describing important related conversations in the humanitarian and peacebuilding sectors, and efforts and tools in finance that could be utilized for sustaining peace. The author also looks at a few “gamechangers”—not specific tools themselves, but rather technologies or methods that have the potential to radically shift the way in which these tools are employed.

This report ends with challenges and next steps for those trying to connect the tools of innovative finance with peacebuilding to consider.

Download Innovative Finance to Sustain Peace: Mapping Ideas

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