Human Rights and Accountability in Afghanistan: Outcome from Expert Roundtable

Publication: Report

What are the prospects for accountability for human rights violations in Afghanistan?

This past February, CIC Deputy Director Hanny Megally joined 40 scholars and experts in this hybrid/Lund-based roundtable event to discuss the prospects of accountability for human rights violations in Afghanistan.

Hanny’s contribution to this effort to learn from other experiences drew from relevant transitional justice experiences from around the world—including from the Middle East and North Africa Region, justice and accountability experiences from Syria via his role as a Commissioner on the UN Commission of Inquiry and his more than 45 years of experience in the human rights field.

A summary of these important discussions at the roundtable and the conclusions from each of the five sessions, including ten areas identified as critical next steps towards strengthened accountability for Afghanistan, can be found at the below link.

Download the Afghanistan Expert Roundtable Outcome Report via the Raoul Wallenberg Institute



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