Delivering the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Options for a New Global Partnership

Publication: Policy Brief

Options for a New Global Partnership

The debate on what should follow the Millennium Development Goals after their 2015 deadline is now underway in earnest. But in some ways, agreeing to the new goals is the easy part. Governments also need to reach agreement on how those goals will be delivered – a question that touches on both financing and policies in a much wider range of areas, like trade, migration, sustainability, technology, and global governance reform.

While much of the debate will focus on what happens on the ground in individual countries, another key aspect of it will be the need for a new Global Partnership for sustainable development. This raises what is perhaps the key question in the post-2015 debate: what is the political deal that member states need to cut?

This report aims to contribute to the emerging debate about what a new Global Partnership might look like, and where progress on a range of potential ‘early harvest’ issues might be made over the next 2 to 3 years.

Hear Alex Evans discuss the report’s themes in a presentation on 2015’s key multilateral processes

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