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In his first two weeks in office, President Donald Trump's "America First" pledge has proven more than an idle slogan. In word and deed, the White House has signaled an aggressive unilateral stance toward the world that's antagonized allies abroad and divided supporters at home.

Feb 01, 2017
Benjy Sarlin, Barnett Rubin

Last week, Frank-Walter Steinmeier made his last visit to Paris as Germany’s foreign minister (he is about to become president) in order to issue a plea to the French people: “Please do not surrender to the siren song of populism.” His meaning was plain: Do not elect Marine Le Pen, leader of the nativist National Front, in the presidential election this spring. If France falls, Germany, which votes in September, could be next.

Feb 03, 2017
James Traub
Europe, United States

US President Donald Trump’s disruption, ironically, is more likely accelerate the evolution to allow countries like China and, probably, India to shape its contours

Jan 30, 2017
WPS Sidhu
United States, South Asia, India
South Asia

'On ne voit pas comment les Mexicains accepteraient de payer un mur américain!'

Jan 12, 2017
Alexandra Novosseloff
United States

Experts discuss the global political implications of potential and ongoing crises that may erupt or escalate in 2017.  Watch a video of the event below.  The transcript is available here.

Jan 13, 2017
Sarah Cliffe

Donald Trump likes attacking soft targets, and the United Nations is about as soft as they come. Over the past two months, U.N. officials have been bracing for an entirely inevitable clash with the next U.S. administration. Their only question has been exactly what would set off the showdown. Would it be climate change? Torture?

Dec 28, 2016
Richard Gowan
United Nations

While black swan events generally have a negative connotation, some of them might be the harbinger of more positive developments in the long run

Dec 19, 2016
WPS Sidhu

What will the president-elect do with Afghanistan?

Dec 20, 2016
Emran Feroz, Barnett Rubin
South Asia

President Obama recently met with incoming United Nations chief Antonio Guterres. Guterres will step into the Secretary General role in January. That’s also when we’ll see a new administration in Washington. What could U.N.-U.S. relations look like under President Trump? CIC director Sarah Cliffe is briefly featured in this The Marketplace report, originally published on December 2, 2016.

Dec 06, 2016
Reema Khrais, Sarah Cliffe
United States
United Nations

Nikki Haley enfrenta un difícil estreno diplomático en la ONU representando a Trump De ser ratificada su nominación por el Senado, la gobernadora de Carolina del Sur llegará a la ONU con cero experiencia internacional y con un presidente que presagia profundos cambios en la relación de EEUU con el mundo.

Nov 30, 2016
Antonieta Cadiz
Latin America, United States
United Nations

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