Prevention and Peacebuilding

Building on two decades of CIC work to improve international responses to preventing conflict and building peace, the Prevention and Peacebuilding program provides innovative, policy-relevant, and real-time evidence and arguments for advancing the chances for sustainable peace. 

The program focuses on three critical areas of work.

  • Innovative, data-driven approaches to prevention, peacebuilding, and the women, peace, and security agenda
  • Expanding approaches to prevention and peacebuilding, particularly for international actors
  • Leveraging links between CIC’s other country program and thematic work to bring fresh perspectives on prevention and peacebuilding to policy-level discussions

The Prevention and Peacebuilding program prioritizes work through partnerships in order to leverage comparative advantages and amplify messages. The aligns its own comparative advantage in crosscutting expertise on politics, security, and justice and deep ties to international policy actors with the advantages of others in the Global South or working on longer-term, academic research. Our partnership examining peacebuilding responses in Africa with the Institute for Security Studies and the Peace Research Institute-Oslo is one such example. Work with the g7+ countries is another.

We also bring a strong gender-based analysis to our work, highlighting the centrality of the women, peace, and security agenda to prevention and durable peace. As part of this effort, we provide analysis on women in peace operations and senior appointments in the UN, and we keep an extensive data set on both. 

The program continues the tradition of work in this area at CIC, including its long-standing Global Peace Operations Review books and (since 2015) web site