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Gülşen Güler

  • She/Her, United Kingdom

Gülşen Güler is a UK-based researcher and data literacy consultant who examines and reimagines the relationship between data, justice, society, and power.

Gülşen is also a trained social worker and has experience in the criminal justice system, which is where her interest in data stems from. She witnessed the limitations and embedded biases in digital reporting systems as well as the real-world harm these have caused. Her lived experiences in this field inspired her to pursue a master’s degree in communication studies where she specifically focused on data literacy and digital inclusion. Through her research, she brings an intersectional approach to data literacy to dismantle techno-deterministic narratives and challenge the dogmatic perceptions around data. Her work is informed by intersectional feminism, situated learning, and socio-technical imaginaries. Gülşen was the 2021 UK delegate for Inclusive Digital Innovation and listed as a Data Changemaker for her outstanding work in the field.

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