Who Robert Malley Is—and Isn’t

Who Robert Malley Is—and Isn’t

CIC senior fellow James Traub writes about Robert Malley, President Biden's nominee as special envoy to Iran, in his latest column for Foreign Policy.

"Joe Biden, as I’ve written before, holds a deeply moralized, Cold War-era view of America’s role in the world that is very much at odds with the Crisis Group’s global perspective and its aversion to tub-thumping," Traub writes. "He will not hesitate to draw the line between democracies and autocracies. Yet he is also deeply skeptical of the use of force and committed to a policy of talking to everyone all the time, as he demonstrated in his years working on Iraq as Barack Obama’s vice president."

Read the full column at Foreign Policy here.

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Feb 16, 2021
James Traub
Middle East, United States