Pathfinders' Peace in Our Cities campaign is mentioned in this Passblue story about Impact:Peace, one of the partners in the initiative.

"We strive to see reductions in urban violence on the order of 50 percent by 2030," Non-Resident Fellow Rachel Locke said in the article about the group of cities. "Obviously, we would love to see that earlier."

Oct 22, 2019
2030 Agenda

Although Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged in a splashy way right after his 2015 election to “renew Canada’s commitment to United Nations peace operations,” the country’s contribution to peacekeeping remains at an all-time low. Since Trudeau’s seemingly impetuous campaign promise a year and a half ago, allies and UN member states have anticipated a Canadian deployment of troops, to no effect.

Apr 21, 2017
Julie Vanderperre
Peace and Security
United Nations