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Whether peace is threatened by a rogue neighbor, grievances between groups, or gangs in the streets terrorizing communities, sustaining peace and preventing conflict and violence will always be a better strategy than correcting after the fact. Yet the commitment to peacebuilding—and the predictable, long-term financing it requires—remains dismal.

This new poll report published by the Bureau d’études, de recherche et de consulting international (BERCI), with the Congo Research Group (CRG) and Ebuteli, its research partner in the DRC reveals a growing popular mistrust of elected representatives, including the government and the opposition. The decline in President Félix Tshisekedi’s popularity has not benefited his potential competitors in the next presidential election, expected in late 2023.

Mar 24, 2022

What can we do to truly tackle group-based inequalities in society, and what can we do about this divisive narrative that is beating back progressives in large parts of the world? We asked three thinkers and activists in different parts of the world—South Africa, Colombia, and Europe—to draw on their local experiences to tell us how we can see progress on this issue. Despite geographic location, there was significant overlap in conclusions about the need for both policies to redistribute resources as well as recognize historic injustices.

Mar 21, 2022
Europe, Latin America, South Africa

At a moment of intense global pressure due to the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, support for prevention and peacebuilding remains as vital as ever. This brief offers action-oriented recommendations to advance new and more inclusive approaches to peacebuilding financing on the eve of the UN High-level Meeting on Peacebuilding Financing.

Mar 24, 2022
Sarah Cliffe, Paige Arthur, Betty N. Wainaina
Peace Operations

While the Ukrainian army and people continue to resist, the costs of Russia's invasion in human terms are mounting. As of March 15, the United Nations (UN) had verified 1,900 civilian casualties, including 726 deaths (fifty of them children), as Russia intensifies its assault on civilian targets, seizes the Zaporizhzhia nuclear site, lays siege to Mariupol which is without food, energy, or water in freezing temperatures, continues to threaten Kyiv, begins a push on Odesa and assaults Kharkiv with heavy and indiscriminate shelling.

Mar 07, 2022
Sarah Cliffe, Leah Zamore
James Traub