Review of Political Missions 2010

The Annual Review of Global Peace Operations and the Review of Political Missions have evolved into the Global Peace Operations Review, an interactive web-portal presenting in-depth analysis and detailed data on military peacekeeping operations and civilian-led political missions by the United Nations, regional organizations, and ad-hoc coalitions. The website can be accessed here Global Peace Operations Review

CIC has published the first Review of Political Missions, covering over fifty civilian missions launched by the UN, OSCE, EU, OAS, ECOWAS and other international organizations.  This volume is the first to map an important but under-appreciated dimension of multilateral conflict management.

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Review of Political Missions 2010

Table of Contents

Foreword | B. Lynn Pascoe

Preface | Bruce D. Jones

Strategic Summary | Richard Gowan

Thematic Chapters

Ian Martin (formerly UN SRSG in Nepal) on Why All Peace Operations Are Political

Ian Johnstone (The Fletcher School, Tufts University) on Emerging Doctrine for Political Missions 

Teresa Whitfield (CIC) on Political Missions, Mediation and Good Offices

Mission Reviews

Middle East West Africa Central Africa Wester Balkans Afghanistan Iraq Nepal Somalia

Mission Notes

Caucasus and Moldova Central American and the Carribean Central Asia Myanmar Western Sahara


Global Data on Political Missions

Detailed Data on UN Political Missions

Detailed Data on OSCE Missions

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