Hauser Global Law School Program


The unique Hauser Global Law School Program, launched in 1995, has moved NYU School of Law beyond the traditional study of comparative and international law to systematic examination of transnational issues and the development of new ways to train 21st-century lawyers.  The Program incorporates non-U.S. and transnational legal perspectives into the Law School’s curriculum, promotes scholarship on comparative and global law, and brings together faculty, scholars, and students from around the world.

Each year, top foreign professors, scholars and students visit NYU School of Law to share their expertise. They teach courses, lead seminars, and participate in classes, contributing their experiences and unique perspectives to law students here. They complement the Law School’s globally acclaimed faculty, which includes many leading figures who involve students in their work on such issues as global climate change, transitional justice, the juvenile death penalty, Holocaust claims settlements, World Trade Organization disputes, Internet domain name adjudication, humanitarian intervention, and anti-terrorism, among many others.