While pessimism is not in short supply in Pakistan, other resources are increasingly scarce. This is driving the country toward a crisis characterized by interlocking economic, political and security dimensions, and has already brought the government close to fiscal collapse.

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May 02, 2011
David Steven
South Asia, Pakistan

Resource Scarcity and Climate Change: Building resilience under conditions of scarcity

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The world confronts the interlinked challenges of climate change, energy scarcity, and the uncertain provision of basic goods such as food and water. CIC provides specialized advice on international governance arrangements to confront these challenges. Our team has organized consultations and analytical inputs for the White House, the UK, the Mexican G20 Presidency, the United Nations system, and the World Bank. Our empirical research documents the changing patterns and future scenarios for the supply and demand of strategic resources; the geopolitical impact of resource competition; and the link to development strategies for less developed and fragile states. Signature projects include the ‘Geopolitics of Scarcity’ (in cooperation with Brookings Institution) and case studies on scarcity and resilience in Pakistan and Ethiopia.