The Annual Review of Global Peace Operations and the Review of Political Missions have evolved into the Global Peace Operations Review, an interactive web-portal presenting in-depth analysis and detailed data on military peacekeeping operations and civilian-led political missions by the United Nations, regional organizations, and ad-hoc coalitions. The website can be accessed here Global Peace Operations Review

The third edition of the Annual Review of Global Peace Operations was published by Lynn Reinner Publishers on 3 March 2008 and can be downloaded here

UN peacekeeping is increasingly under strain – over-deployed, heavily-mandated and under-resourced. This state of overstretch, coupled with continuing demand for new missions, presents a fundamental strategic challenge for the UN and its members. To adapt to the challenges facing peace operations, the international community must examine options for institutional improvements in UN peacekeeping as well as strategies for responding to emerging global trends.

March 30 2012
9:30am - 1:00pm
Institute of International Education
Edward J. Kaufman Conference Room
809 United Nations Plaza, 12th Floor

Mar 30, 2012
Horn of Africa

The twenty-first century will be defined by security threats unconstrained by borders—from economic instability, climate change, and nuclear proliferation to conflict, poverty, terrorism and disease. The greatest test of global leadership will be building partnerships and institutions for cooperation that can meet the challenge.

Jan 27, 2009
Bruce Jones, Carlos Pascual, Stephen John Stedman

The Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2012 was launched on 28 February 2012. This edition, the seventh in a series, was published by Lynne Rienner and can be ordered at

Crisis Diplomacy and Peace Operations : Preventing and resolving crises and war

Peace operations and crisis diplomacy are critical tools for conflict management and the prevention of war and atrocities. Despite tremendous progress in reducing levels of civil wars, tough challenges remain. CIC provides comprehensive empirical evidence, policy advice and fora for debate about effective strategy and alternative models for peace operations. Contested political transitions throughout the Arab world and beyond test the UN Security Council's and regional organizations' tools for crisis diplomacy as never before. Signature projects include the Global Peace Operations Review website, a series of thematic debates on peace operations at the UN, and work on coercive diplomacy.

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