Afghanistan-Pakistan Regional Project : Strategic mediation

Establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan remains an immediate challenge for the international community. The Afghanistan-Pakistan Regional Project (ARP) utilizes subject-matter expertise and extensive networks to support efforts to achieve greater stability in Afghanistan and the region. Through a blend of structured dialogues, applied research, and strategic outreach, APRP works on many of the most pressing problems facing Afghanistan and the surrounding region—from reconciliation to security to regional cooperation.

Afghanistan Constitutional Reform Resources


Congo Research Group (CRG)

Congo Research Group (CRG) is an independent, non-profit research project dedicated to understanding the violence that affects millions of Congolese.  It carries out rigorous research on different aspects of the conflict. Its first report, for example, investigated who is behind a series of massacres in the Beni region, while others reports look at links between elections and conflict, and at armed groups in the Kivus region. All of its research is informed by deep historical and social knowledge of the problem at hand, and it often invests months of field research, speaking with hundreds of people to produce a report. Based at CIC, the CRG publishes in English and French.

Visit the CRG website for access to reports and more info.

Crisis Diplomacy and Peace Operations : Preventing and Resolving Crises and War

Peace operations and crisis diplomacy are critical tools for conflict management and the prevention of war and atrocities. Despite tremendous progress in reducing levels of civil wars, tough challenges remain. CIC provides comprehensive empirical evidence, policy advice and fora for debate about effective strategy and alternative models for peace operations. Contested political transitions throughout the Arab world and beyond test the UN Security Council's and regional organizations' tools for crisis diplomacy as never before. Signature projects include the Global Peace Operations Review website, a series of thematic debates on peace operations at the UN, and work on coercive diplomacy.

Managing Global Order : Challenges to international order and governance 

Archived Program

The Managing Global Order program (MGO) - joint with the Brookings Institution and the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford University - maps the changing global order; identifies key gaps in the provision of global order functions and multilateral governance arrangements; and facilitates policy dialogue between the established and emerging powers to fill those gaps. MGO produces independent research and policy recommendations for U.S. and international policy makers, and convenes high-level, informal sessions between the United States and the emerging powers.

Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

The Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies is a group of member states, international organizations, global partnerships, and other partners. The group is convened by the governments of Brazil, Switzerland, and Sierra Leone, and supported by the Center on International Cooperation.

The Pathfinders have developed the Roadmap for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies, which is also available in French and Spanish. For a summary see the overview and presentation.

The roadmap, which covers all of 2030 Agenda targets for peaceful, just and inclusive societies (SDG16+), was launched at a side event to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Resource Scarcity and Climate Change: Building resilience under conditions of scarcity

Archived Program

The world confronts the interlinked challenges of climate change, energy scarcity, and the uncertain provision of basic goods such as food and water. CIC provides specialized advice on international governance arrangements to confront these challenges. Our team has organized consultations and analytical inputs for the White House, the UK, the Mexican G20 Presidency, the United Nations system, and the World Bank. Our empirical research documents the changing patterns and future scenarios for the supply and demand of strategic resources; the geopolitical impact of resource competition; and the link to development strategies for less developed and fragile states. Signature projects include the ‘Geopolitics of Scarcity’ (in cooperation with Brookings Institution) and case studies on scarcity and resilience in Pakistan and Ethiopia.