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Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2012

The Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2012 was launched on 28 February 2012. This edition, the seventh in a series, was published by Lynne Rienner and can be ordered at

Shaky Foundations: An Assessment of the UN's Rule of Law Support Agenda

At a time of growing popular demand for representative politics, the protection of rights, and access to justice, this report by CIC's Camino Kavanagh and Dr. Bruce Jones examines the ability of the United Nations to provide 'rule of law' support to member-states and national reformers.

Read the full CIC Policy Paper here

Nov 01, 2011
Camino Kavanagh, Bruce Jones
Europe, Latin America

February 19-20 2012
Los Cabos Convention Center
Los Cabos, Mexico

Feb 19, 2012
Bruce Jones, WPS Sidhu
Latin America

State Capture and Organized Crime or Capture of Organized Crime by the State

Inter-regional Dialogue on Organized Crime and State Capture

“The cartels have not yet corrupted the government’s senior levels, but sooner or later they will, because they have millions of dollars and you need to be a saint to reject them."

-- Zainab Bangura, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sierra Leone, (Feb. 2009).

Mar 01, 2011
Camino Kavanagh
Latin America, West Africa

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