WEI Nanzhi

Visiting Scholar

Dr. WEI Nanzhi is a research fellow of the Institute of American Studies (IAS) of Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS). During Sept. 2016 to Dec. 2016, she works at CIC as visiting scholar. The topic of her research at CIC is “Stability and Sustainable Development: Global Order and China’s One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative” builds on research conducted by CIC’s Afghanistan Pakistan Regional Project (ARRP) under the supervision of Dr. Barnett Rubin.

Dr. WEI Nanzhi got her Ph.D. of political science at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) in 2011. She mainly focuses on US social policy and comparative politics. She has published one bookDreams and Challenges: A Comparative Study of Chinese Dream & American Dream (in 2016), co-edited one book Investigation and Reflection of Legal Problems in Rural China (in 2006) and also published over 20 refereed articles and book chapters in Chinese, English, French and Italian. She has published in such journals as: Law and Economics Yearly ReviewLa Vie des IdéesMondo CineseAmerican Studies QuarterlyQiushiChinese Journal of European Studies, Journal of Chinese Academy of Governance, etc.

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