What Biden Is—and Isn’t—Willing to Do for Palestinians

In his latest column for Foreign Policy, CIC senior fellow James Traub writes about the choices facing the Biden administration regarding Palestine and Israel.

"As I wrote recently about refugee policy, this administration has thoughtful, enlightened policy on almost everything but is not about to let it get in the way of the chief business at hand. Just as the administration’s panicked initial response to an unexpected crisis at the border was to violate its own principles by refusing to admit refugees, so its reflex in the face of a sudden outbreak of hostilities in the Middle East was to put aside its commitment to more just outcomes for Palestinians. Nor is it a coincidence that in both cases the administration chose not to brave political headwinds. In the case of the refugees, the administration saw its error and reversed course. It’s still early days in this latest Gaza war/intifada/insurrection."

Read the full article in Foreign Policy here.

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May 14, 2021
James Traub