Is the West’s Romance With Paul Kagame Finally Ending?

Jason Stearns, CIC senior fellow, provides input for this article on how there is a great deal of blame placed on the Rwandan government as the crisis within the Democratic Republic of Congo worsens.

Stearns, who is the founder of and strategic adviser to the Congo Research Group at New York University, says the even more fundamental problem is that the Congolese government is weak and underfunded—unable to organize a professionalized army or even provide the routine public services that might strengthen the allegiance of the Congolese people. In his most recent book, The War That Doesn’t Say Its Name, he points to an astonishing fact: The DRC’s annual budget since 2011 “has hovered around $5 to $6 billion—smaller than that of New York University.”

Read the article in The Nation.

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Oct 14, 2022
Jason Stearns