US Election Nominees will mention Afghanistan in their debates

Said Sabir Ibrahimi, Research Associate, appeared on Voice of America Dari to discuss the US elections and its implications on Afghanistan.

Q: Do you think it is concerning that the US presidential candidates have not mentioned Afghanistan in their speeches?

A: Donald Trump has been vague about his programs, and both him and Hillary Clinton have not mentioned Afghanistan in their big foreign policy speeches, but in their interviews with American media, they both have mentioned Afghanistan.

Q: Do you think Afghanistan issue will resurface in the US presidential debates especially after the fall of Khan Abad district in Kunduz in the hands of Taliban and the spread of Daesh in the country?

A: Firstly, the US has not forgotten Afghanistan and the US is committed to remaining in the country. Currently there are 8,400 US troops in the country and the US is providing air support (b52h) to ANDSF. The fight against Daesh is important for the US and they will target Daesh wherever they are.

Q: How do you evaluate the Russian presence in the scene, and the fight against Daesh?

A: I don't think that the US has any problems with Afghanistan as an independent state establishing bilateral relations with Russia or any other countries in the region. The US will work with stakeholders bringing stability to Afghanistan.

Q: Which US presidential candidate do you think will be good for Afghanistan?

A: It is hoped that Hillary Clinton will win and she will be good for Afghanistan because she will pursue a principled foreign policy and she has well structured plans, on the other hand Donald Trump does not have any well-thought plans for any country.

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Aug 22, 2016
Said Sabir Ibrahimi
South Asia, Afghanistan