Measuring State Fragility: A New Approach to Identifying and Strengthening Vulnerable Countries

CIC non-resident fellow Michael Harsch authored a blog post on the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs's Epicenter blog, hosted by Harvard University. It presents a new measure of state fragility, taking into account the ability of a state to collect statistics on its population.

"Despite the grim predictions of increasing instability,  there is some surprising good news: according to a new, simple measure of developing countries’ administrative capacity, the number of fragile states has nearly halved over the last one-and-a-half decades," Harsch writes. "This new approach to measuring state fragility, which I am developing in the context of a book project on “islands of stability in fragile states,” could help the US and other leading donors to allocate development assistance more effectively and gauge the long-term effects of their engagement."

Read the full article at the Epicenter blog here.

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Oct 02, 2020