Both Bokova, Georgieva Stand Good Chance of Becoming UN Deputy Secretary-General

The new Secretary-General of the UN Antonio Guterres may choose more than one deputy, predicted in an interview for BNR with Jim Della-Giacoma, Deputy Director of the Center on International Cooperation at New York University.

“There are several question marks regarding the post of Deputy Secretary-General. The first one is how many deputies there will be. There are assumptions that there will be several deputies. I think both Bulgarian women stand a good chance of becoming Deputy Secretary-General. But I mean one of them, not both. Kristalina Georgieva is very well-received in the international community and she is very suitable for the post of deputy but it is not clear whether she will accept a job like that,” commented Della-Giacoma.

The reaction of the Bulgarian government with respect to Bokova, however, makes her a less expected choice.

This article was originally published by on October 15, 2016

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