Biden’s Refugee Policy Is a Profile in Cowardice

Biden’s Refugee Policy Is a Profile in Cowardice

CIC senior fellow James Traub wrote about President Biden's decision to maintain retain Donald Trump’s historically low cap of refugees to be admitted to the United States in 2021.

"The United States was spared Europe’s agony by the good fortune of geography; Syrian refugees could not walk here. Americans have traditionally been able to choose which refugees they accept," Traub wrote. "But that era may have come to an end, for the number of Central American migrants seeking asylum at the Southern Border has begun to rival the figures that reached Europe in 2015. The question that we need to ask—the question European leaders asked in 2015 and 2016—is whether there is some way to reconcile moral obligation with political reality."

Read the full column at Foreign Policy here.

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Apr 17, 2021
James Traub
Humanitarian Crises
United States