Biden’s Immigration Plan Exists on Paper, Not in Reality

In his latest Foreign Policy column, CIC senior fellow James Traub wrote about the implementation of Biden's immigration plan.

"In recent months, senior Biden officials have gone silent on migration policy. I did not get a response to requests for interviews with three responsible officials. I was able to speak to a fourth official, Ricardo Zúñiga, the special envoy for the Northern Triangle, at a rare press briefing. When I asked about fears that the administration was getting cold feet, he said, “there was enormous strain on the system, and it is taking time to kind of reconstitute an effective system, and, for example, to re-initiate asylum processing at the speed at which we would like to have it.” It was, he added with some delicacy, “a difficult time to be taking on the challenges related to migration.”"

Read the full column at Foreign Policy here.

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Apr 26, 2021
James Traub
United States