Barnett Rubin on Voice of America Pashto

CIC Senior Fellow and Afghanistan expert Barnett Rubin spoke recently with Voice of America Pashto, please view the interview below.

The VoA commentator poses questions in Pashto and Dr. Rubin responds in English.  Below are the English translationss of the questions.

-President Obama stated that the death of Mansoor is an important milestone.  Is it?  Will the loss of this leader really effect the Taliban’s progress?

-Taliban confirmed Mansour's death, and appoints a new leader named Habitullah Akhondzada. If he is not pro peace talks will US target him as well?

-What is your opinion about Mula Rasool, he seems to be the favorite when it comes to peace talks?

-The New York Times quotes you in one of their articles, you said : We killed the leader of the Taliban driving across Baluchistan in a taxi, I think we have some questions to ask of Pakistan, what are those questions that US should ask Pakistan?

-Should US rethink its relations with Pakistan especially on providing military aid to Pakistan at this point?

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May 26, 2016
Barnett Rubin
South Asia, Afghanistan