Poor Bear the Brunt as Global Justice System Fails 5.1 Billion People – Study

Across the world, an estimated 5.1 billion people – two-thirds of the global population – are being failed by the justice system, a study has found. But providing universal access to basic justice could save the global economy billions of dollars every year, as lost income and stress-related illness due to seeking legal redress can cost countries up to 3% of their annual GDP, according to a report published today by the Task Force on Justice.

The report said that of the 5.1 billion people with no meaningful access to justice, an estimated 1.5 billion – one in five people worldwide – have been left with justice problems they cannot solve, whether that involves a land dispute, consumer debt or being the vicim of crime.

An estimated 253 million people live in extreme conditions of injustice and are deprived of any meaningful legal protections: 40 million people are modern-day slaves, 12 million people are stateless, and 200 million live in countries or communities where levels of insecurity are so high that they are unable to seek justice, the team found.

Read the full article in The Guardian here. 


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Apr 29, 2019